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Nothing Normal

Well, if you told me a year ago we would all be confined to our homes, 20 of my shows would be cancelled, international travel to the Bahamas was banned and a Cat 5 hurricane would also wipe out Grabbers to the sand.......well.... I would simply say that was a bad dream and wake up.

There is nothing normal about March / April / May 2020, that is for sure. So many of the shows I was scheduled to play this year have all cancelled due to the pandemic. I am taking show reservations in hopes of the economic recovery. Show availability can be checked here

During some of this down time, I have been able to get back into the Studio and work on some new music. Dust off all the guitars and change the strings. Shine and polish the Steel drums a little.

I also have been enjoying many of the online acoustic concerts from many artist all over the nation. I have had a couple people ask if I would do one and if this keeps up, I may set up in the front lawn and broadcast a Facebook live event. I have to keep my chops on my fingers so it won't hurt to play guitar. So keep in tune for info on that.

Lastly, for those of you who are always busy, we used to say, "I wish I didn't have to get up and leave for work" etc..... This is the time where you can really make the time count with your kids, spouse, and loved ones. Take Extra Time, take a little longer to explain something, ask the other person what they want to talk about, Really slow down with those you love. We will be over this soon and will look back and talk about what we did during the Quarantine 2020.

Grabbers update. Well after hurricane Dorian, Grabbers went vacant for several months while a bulldozing occurred. We rebuilt a small kitchen and bar and constructed a tent and rebuilt the New Dock. We opened for 2 weeks until the Bahamian government locked down the entire country.

So stay safe and healthy, get creative on how to keep some income coming in. Love the ones your with and pray for those who are worse off than you. Help where you can. See you at show sometime soon.

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