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What is a Performance from Steel Daddy Like?

Steel Daddy shows are anywhere from 1 to 8 hours long depending on the need.  Typically shows are 3 hours and start with Steel Drum music which is instrumental music.  Then it switches over to guitar and singing  depending on the occassion and mood of the event.  The song selections are resort style music that most people would recongnize.  The Steel Drum selection is a mix of Tropical, Standards, Reggae and remakes of current songs.  The Guitar and Singing is a mix of: Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffett, Zac Brown, New Country, Reggae,   Classic Rock and current tunes.  

During the breaks, Steel Daddy keeps the music going by having selected playlists run. 

Many times Weddings are requested.  The best place to use Steel Daddy for your wedding would be during the cocktail hour or reception. 

Setup -  Steel Daddy needs a 10X10 space, preferable not in direct sunlight near a power outlet.   The Steel Drum can not be played in sunlight as it will take the instrument out of tune.  I always have a 10X10 tent to set up if the location is outdoors. 

A limbo contest can be added to the show if notified beforehand.

Steel Daddy cannot change locations once setup to perform. 




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