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Steel Daddy Will Entertain the Bahamas Abaco Regatta and July 4th Guests at Grabbers on Guana Cay th

I have booked my flights and have set the show schedule for this summer's Bahamas concert Series at Grabbers. I'm making a comeback to entertain the Abaco Regatta Mount Gay Rum Party on June 28th and also will entertain during the Lay Day the 29th. We always have a good time during the Regatta Event and it's great to see Fischer's Bay Anchorage full of boats each evening.

I hear Stone will entertain during Sunday. Then Steel Daddy enterains on July 3rd and July 4th afternoon and evenings through the Sunset to celebrate Independence Day. This will be my 13th year Entertaining at Grabbers and it's always a great time with a great atmosphere. Sunset with a frozen G R A B B E R as the sun sets over the anchorage is an amazing scene.

There is recent demand for the infamous Harmonica Player AKA "Steel Pappa" and I hear he will be making an appearance as well. It's possible we could have some other special guests dropping in too. Always a great time at GRABBERS.

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