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Steel Daddy Opens Season At Grabbers, Guana Cay, Bahamas

Guana Cay never fails to deliver. What a great time performing live Steel Drums, acoustic guitar and singing entertainment in the Bahamas this past week at Grabbers in the Abacos. We had a great croud Each day. I played 24 hours of music over a 3 day period balacing the act between Steel drum and Acoustic guitar. Dennis Lilly Aka "Steel Papa" sat in some each day on the Harmonica getting the croud to their feet as well. When I ran out of steam, Grabbers Called in the Legend, Stone Mc Ewan to keep the island vibe bumping providing the entertainment for all day Sunday. The Conch Crawl was in full force as well with Waggie making amazing Conch Salad, cracking the conch on the beach and preparing all the ingredients right in front of you while you waited and enjoyed the music. Each day is topped off with a toast to the sunset with the world Famous, Frozen Guana Grabber.

I took a little time this year and brought my wife and kids this time. We arrived on the island early and took a few days to just relax and punch out. After 2 days, the shows began. I also took a day off at the end to enjoy Stone's Island vibes. Met some really great people this year and you know who who you are. It's always nice to make relationships and spend time with great people.

So I'm back in Daytona now and winding down to get back to Work at Vision HR. Great times at Grabbers and there is a rumor I will be back on the island some time in July. I'll post more info as it becomes available.

Below are some of the highlights...... enjoy !

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