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2018 Update / Happy New Year

I am really excited to announce 3 Jimmy Buffett Properties being built right here in Daytona Beach. Jimmy has invested and branded a 6900 home 55 and over lifestyle community that is already under construction called Latitude Margaritaville. . Residents also will have access to a private beach club. All of these locations are planning on having live music in several locations. Additionally, Jimmy built a Landshark Bar right on the beach. There is going to be a lot of opportunity to provide the tropical entertainment in these venues and others like the Hard Rock Hotel also opening soon.

There is so much momentum here in the Daytona Beach area.

This year I'm serving as Chairman of the Board for the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce. I’m happy to be serving the business community and giving back some. This does put a little constraint on performance availability, but I do plan to continue playing events in 2018. You can check out some press releases in the media section of the website.

I’m working on a Studio and practice space in my home to be able to practice new songs as small amounts of time open up. Pretty excited about that.

Planning will start soon for the annual Grabbers, Guana Cay, Bahamas Concert Series. This is some time in March and Possibly around July 4th too.

As you can, see I launched this new website. To know where I am playing this year, I want you to use an APP Called "Bands in Town". It's a great app that scans all your favorite artists through your music accounts and places them as your favorites, then it gives you a list and notifications of any live performances scheduled and near you. Very smart app.

Make it a great 2018 and hope to see you playing at a show !

Skip Lilly aka Steel Daddy

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