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Grabbers is a unique Bahamas resort and the perfect place for a once in a lifetime Abaco vacation, or if you are lucky, multiple Abaco vacations! Slip away for a few days at Grabbers and forget the world outside Guana Cay even exists. This outdoor dining experience right on the Beach in Fischers Bay with amazing sunsets awaits.  Be sure and sample the world famous signature Guana Grabber frozen adult beverage.  There is a dock for boats to dock up that is dredged.  There is a strong tide to keep in mind.  

Steel Daddy and Grabbers have hooked up since 2004 having Shows each year. He will play shows a couple days in a row if you can catch him during one of the show weeks, keep a sharp lookout at the grabbers web site to find out when. ****STEEL DADDY Will be on Island July 2-9 2022.  July 4th Show dates are set.  See those dates in the "Shows" section of the website.

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